Mavekk Fireproof Document Bag Set

Are you always worried about losing your important documents and cash to fire and water?

In 2019 alone, local fire departments responded to over 1 million fires across the U.S. Losing important documents to water, floods or hurricanes is an even more common occurrence.

This Waterproof Fireproof Document Storage and Money Bag set is the less bulky and less cumbersome solution for you! Protect your documents, passports, certificates and cash from such disasters. All the time. No matter where you are.


Product Benefits

  • One Product, Multi-Purpose- Fire and water protection
  • Portable and Lightweight -Easy to grab in case of an emergency
  • Two Bags in 1 Pack- Fireproof document bag (11x15 in) and fireproof money bag (8x5in)
  • Professional Design
  • Waterproof Zippers- Zippers are lockable, protected by a fireproof flap
  • Perfect Size- Fits in a safe box, drawers and your everyday pouch!
  • Tested- Passed A1 fire test and has MSDS certification. 

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